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Gill Garratt is a psychologist and CBT Therapist whose interests include Positive psychology. She works as a freelance consultant and is the author of 'CBT for Work' and 'CBT at Work for Dummies'. These books are introductions to the ideas and practical applications of CBT, using workplace examples. It is a basic primer for anyone wanting to use it in their personal life too. They cover how to spot the symptoms of anxiety, depression, anger, guilt, self esteem, how to use CBT to reduce these upsetting feelings, and how to balance your life. Her research interests are Positive Psychology and 'Happiness'. She specialises in Change Management, Diversity Training, Performance Management and applying Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in the workplace to maximise well being, motivation and productivity.

Gill runs an Employee Assistance Programme, based in Cornwall, to offer small companies access to Psychological services including therapy services for their employees and seminar sessions for groups. She also offers Executive Coaching sessions. Employers can offer one off counselling or up to six sessions to their employees, by contacting Gill to set up the confidential assistance service.

To order the book 'CBT for Work' click here.

To order the book 'CBT at Work for Dummies' click here.


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CBT for Work by Gill Garratt
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