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This section is to provide links to further information to helpful resources and organisations which you may find useful. In addition to the books listed here, there are many recommended helplines in the Information: Helplines section, and numerous useful websites listed in the Links section.



These are some of the books that clients have found helpful.

CBT for Work by Gill Garratt, Icon Publications

Think your Way to Happiness by Dr W. Dryden, Sheldon Press

Ten steps to Positive Living by Dr W. Dryden, Sheldon Press

Overcoming Anger by Dr W. Dryden, Sheldon Press

Overcoming Guilt by Dr W. Dryden, Sheldon Press

Overcoming Anxiety by Dr W. Dryden, Sheldon Press

Living with Loss and Grief by Julia Tugendhat, Sheldon Press

How to be Your own Best Friend by Dr Paul Hauck, Sheldon Press

Life Coaching A Cognitive-Behavioural Approach by M Neena & W. Dryden

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Dummies by R. Wilson & R. Branch, Wiley

The Psychology of Happiness by Michael Argyle, Routledge


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