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For groups, health Clubs, Health providers, Events and any interested groups.

Gill can lecture on a range of topics. These lectures are based on sound psychological knowledge and cover topics of Cognitive Behavioral therapy, happiness, Change Management, Emotional Resilience, Holistic health and Relationships. These topics include:

1. Cruising towards happiness - finding a balance between work & leisure
2. Think your way to happiness - a Cognitive-Behavioural approach to life
3. All Stressed up and nowhere to go? - finding natural ways to deal with stress
4. The Science of Well-being
5. Laughter therapy - the best tonic
6. Positive psychology and holistic health
7. 'Spirit has no age' - positive outlooks throughout life
8. Transition Management - a toolkit for life changes
9. How to be childish all your life
10. 'Look at me, look at me, look at me !' - attraction and relationships
11. Boost your immune levels through fun
12. Guilt makes you ill - how to find the antidote
13. 'Good dog' - the therapeutic effects of being with pets
14. Pet therapy in the health services
15. Holistic therapies in the Health services
16. Mothers and Daughters - and other family relationships
17. 'I know you're lying' - how to understand deception
18. Loud night time exhalations - the Psychology of snoring
19. Hugs & cups of tea - the Psychology of friendships
20. Never hand over your life - the Science of Palm Reading
21. Sleep and Dreaming
22. Personal and professional coaching
23. Mediation skills
24. Ah Yes! I remember what I came in here for now - the psychology of memory
25. Stress, health and Ageing
26. Goodness - a philosophy of life
27. Your perfect day
28. Psychopaths in suits - leadership and management
29. The evolution of depression- does it have its uses?
30. The tipping point - significant milestones
31. Synchronicity - the psychology of intuition
32. Gossip is good for you - communication channels
33. Grandad, we love you - the significance of Grand parents in families
34. Sports Psychology
35. Know your personality
36. Brain gymnastics - use it or lose it
37. Horse whispering
38. Dealing with people you can't stand
39. 'Don't be stupid' - self esteem and confidence
40. Emotional resilience
41. Sports psychology - the hole is greater than the sum of its putts
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